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Most people come to us because they want to improve their health for the long term. Many of them have tried gimmicky diets that left them hungry, or quick-fix workouts that didn’t produce results. If you’ve had similar experiences, then you’ll know how disheartening it can be to put in all that effort, but have nothing to show for it.

Maybe you:

  • Feel tired all the time and don’t have energy to do the things you love
  • Are struggling to button up your favourite jeans
  • Know what you should be doing, but can’t seem to stay motivated long-term

“Practical advice to create realistic lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.”

Helen Johns

Civil Rights Lawyer, Melbourne, Australia

6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise and to Improve Your Nutrition.

The BML guide to keeping motivated, healthy and positive!

We’ve all faced times in our life when our health has taken a back seat. Maybe we’re busy with work, have a young family or just lack the motivation to exercise. And at some point or another, we’ve all felt the guilt of skipping that workout, inhaling a whole packet of cookies, or frustration at ourselves for not making the healthy choices that we know we should.

“The truth is that lifestyle change is difficult, especially long term. It’s the reason that so many people fall into the yo-yo diet trap and fail at New Year’s resolutions.”

Steve Shaw

Sales Manager, Cairns, Australia

We want to break this cycle!

We want to help you build healthy habits that you can stick with long term…

That’s why we developed the BML 9 Week Challenge.


Life-changing healthy habits start here. We add the extra ingredient of Motivation to a solid Exercise and Nutrition plan to supercharge your potential and achieve phenomenal results!


  • Build The Foundation Of Your New Healthier Lifestyle
  • Develop Daily Habits That Are Essential To Your Success
  • Your Springboard To More Energy And a Happier You!


Real results that you can see and feel! The second phase of the program will see you locking in your newly formed habits. Maintaining the good work you’ve done so far, whilst embedding these habits into your everyday routine is the goal here. You’ll maintain motivation and focus, as you speed towards the final phase.


  • Learn How To Maintain Incredible Levels of Motivation
  • Experience Improved Physical AND Mental Sharpness
  • Begin Feeling The Improvement of Your Lifestyle Change!


Living the dream! The last third of the program helps you transition what you’ve learned into the rest of your life. At this point you’ll feel energised, refreshed and über motivated, armed with practical strategies to stay on track for good!


  • Long Term Lifestyle Transformation
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Much More Than Just 9 Weeks… This Change is for Life!

The BML Team believe our 9 week challenge will have a life-changing impact on you. If you follow our Step-By-Step Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation program and don’t witness or feel any improvements after 30 days, we’ll refund your money!

The onus is on us to inform and educate you correctly and also on you to commit to wanting to see change —  if one party fails, then the program fails. If you don’t believe we have upheld our side of the bargain and you can explain to us ‘why’ then we are happy to refund your investment and improve our service.

We’re in the business of changing lives and we believe 100% in our expert-backed product.


“BML fitness isn’t the first healthy-living challenge I’ve tried, one of many actually, but it has certainly had the most impact. Compared to the other fitness challenges, the information is fresh and well-delivered on a regular basis throughout the 9 weeks. I’ll be recommending BML Fitness to my friends and family!”
Steph (42), Nurse,
Christchurch, NZ

“Wow! I lost more weight than I was expecting and everyone keeps asking how I did it! I tell them there’s 3 vital aspects of achieving healthy-habit formation; exercise, nutrition AND motivation – it’s like the perfect storm to success! I now wholly subscribe to the BML – Build it, Maintain it, Live it philosophy.”
Toni (28), Occupational Therapist
San Francisco, USA

“My wife and I had been looking to improve our lifestyle choices when we stumbled across BML Fitness online. We compared a few other courses but the motivational aspect appealed to us – it’s been our stumbling block in the past. Since signing up, we have both formed incredible healthy habits that we live everyday, even the kids are getting involved and loving it!”
Steve (33), Sales Manager
Cairns, Australia

“BML is awesome! I chatted with other members in the member forum and we’ve become Facebook friends (even though we live on other sides of the world!). The community was supportive and the knowledge I gained throughout the challenge helped me realize my hurdles to healthy-lifestyle choices  – now I jump those hurdles with ease.”
Helen (39), Lawyer
Melbourne, Australia

6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise and to Improve Your Nutrition.

The BML guide to keeping motivated, healthy and positive!